September 2, 2016: From Ohio to Dad’s

I had to get up this morning before eight to move the Chevy Spark because we had parked behind Don’s truck and he needed to get off to work.  The girls slept until almost noon, so Dominica and I got the car packed up and then spent the morning hanging out with Aunt Marlene in the kitchen.

Uncle Don said that it was too nice to work today and came home around noon.  So we saw him for a few minutes before we left.  Once the girls were awake and ate some breakfast we were off on our way.  We stopped at the McDonald’s in Louisville on our way out of town to grab some protein as well.

The drive went great.  Nice weather, traffic was not bad.  We got up to dad’s in the early evening.  Only about five hours of driving today.  It’s been a long driving week, though, and I am very relieved to be done with the driving and to be able to set up the laptop and get caught up a little.  I’m worn out.  A week of driving and being offline is tough.

SGL is caught back up, though.  Whoo hoo.

The girls were totally wild and out of control all evening.  We had to send them to bed at ten thirty so that dad could get a break.

Maria gets into town late tomorrow night so I have to coordinate getting her at the airport tomorrow around midnight.  There is a tropical storm hitting the US east coast so we are a little concerned that that might create some delays.