September 11, 2016: NTG Bonfire

Sunday before MangoCon!  Things are starting to get close.  Hard to believe that the conference is about to begin.  So much to do and what a crazy week it is going to be.

Lots of NTGers are en route to head quarters today.  Gene drove from Kentucky up to Michigan, picked up Mike and drove out to New York.  They had a long day.

This evening everyone came over to dad’s place and we had an NTG staff bonfire out there.  We had Art, Danielle, Dominica, dad, Gene, Mike, Maggie and myself plus our girls were there.  Not the full staff, of course, but a good number of people.  Jenny did not come out, Mike Davis is not coming into town until closer to the conference, Nick could not make it up from Texas, etc.  But it was nice to have everyone together in one spot.

We got pizza and then roasted s’mores over the firebit that dad has in the back yard.  It was a fun evening and a good chance for everyone to relax before the craziness of the week hits us.  This week is going to be completely nuts and already there is very little time for any of us to relax and it is only going to get worse and worse until a week from tomorrow.