September 13, 2016: Taking the Kids to Utica

Today is Tuesday and MangoCon gets started tomorrow.  It is so hard to believe that the event is really upon us.  People started really getting into town today for it all.  We are taking Liesl and Luciana out to Frankfort so that they can stay with their grandparents for the rest of the week as Dominica will also be super busy with the MangoCon event and won’t have any time to watch them.

We left late in the morning for the drive eat and dropped the kids off in the middle of the afternoon.  We did not stay for too long. We had to turn around and drive the three hours back to dad’s house.

We should note that at this point, we still do not have our Chevy Spark back.  It is still at the dealer in Pennsylvania and we don’t know when it will be fixed.  But we can’t do anything about it this week as we are dealing with the conference.

This evening, Dominica and I went up to Rochester and hung out with Paul as he was in town early.  We went to The Old Toad first and had a beer there.  Then we discovered the Ox and Stone across the street that looked interesting so we went in there to check it out.

The Ox and Stone turned out to be an amazing craft cocktail lounge that we had never heard of.  Paul and I both go the “In Tents” which was a bourbon drink that was cedar smoked right on the spot in front of us.  It was so good.

While there Dominica learned of another craft cocktail place across the street.  So we headed over there and checked that place out too.  It was amazing too, and this one had some food.  So we ate there as well.  We learned that Rochester has about a dozen of these cocktail lounges now and has become a major destination for cocktails!  Who would have guessed.  There is even a craft cocktail festival in Rochester now.

It was very late when we got back to dad’s.  This is it.  The conference is tomorrow.  Last chance to sleep.