September 6, 2016: Waiting for Car News

This “morning” I went over to Geneseo to pick up Maggie from the Hampton Inn. It was actually early in the afternoon.  We are all still recovering from the events of the weekend.

We grabbed lunch from Aunt Cookies so that Maggie could try out Upstate New York subs for the first time.  They were excellent.  I’ve been craving Aunt Cookies all summer.

Maggie at Aunt Cookies
Maggie at Aunt Cookies

The weather was perfect on the drive back so we did a quick drive around through Wyoming County checking out towns like Wyoming and Warsaw and then up to Pavilion.  While in Warsaw we swung into Tim Horton’s so that Maggie could see it for the first time.

Maggie's First Tim Horton's Donut
Maggie’s First Tim Horton’s Donut

We all worked out at the farm for a bit this afternoon.  Dominica and Liesl had a busy day today as it was the first day of school.  Maggie is still excited to be getting shown all around New York.  This is all new for her.

This evening Maggie and I needed to run errands in Rochester so went up for a little while.  She was excited to get to see RIT which she has been interested in for a while.  We were heading to Best Buy to get camera supplies for the GoPro so that we could be testing out some filming options.  I needed to get a suction cup mount so that the GoPro can mount to the front window of the car.

After Best Buy we swung into The Tilted Kilt and grabbed a quick drink before returning from the city.

We got to Geneseo and went to University Hots for dinner.  We did take out and brought plates back to the farm for everyone.  This is Maggie’s first garbage plate… she likes it a lot.

Maggie's First Garbage Plate - University Hots in Geneseo
Maggie’s First Garbage Plate – University Hots in Geneseo

I got my first ever grilled cheese plate, wow do I love that!  It’s a change of pace and really amazing.   The grilled cheese is just perfect in the plate format.

After dinner we hung around for a bit and then I drove Maggie back over to Geneseo to drop her off at her hotel.

I spoke to the dealer today and know that they have the car and will be looking at it soon.  Maybe we will know something about it tomorrow.