September 7, 2016: The Spark is Dead

We got the news from the dealer this morning – the engine in the Chevy Spark is dead.  Thankfully, they are pretty sure that everything will be covered under the extended powertrain warranty.  But they cannot know that for sure until the engine goes to a machine shop and they get a look at the inside of the cylinders.  So the car is dead for a long time and we have no idea how bad it is going to be.

The Apple announcement was this morning, the iPhone 7 and the iWatch 2 were announced.  I hope to be getting both later this year.  The iPhone 7+ has some awesome new camera stuff that makes it make a lot of sense.  And it is waterproof, that is enormous for us, the travelers.  I lost one of my iPhone 5s phones in Panama because it went in the water.  When you are out of the country, anything that protects your phone is a big deal.

Today was a busy day posting and then this evening we went and got Maggie, hooked up the GoPro and drove down through Perry and Castile, into Letchworth State Park and did some filming and driving around.  The filming of us in the car worked really well.  We are very excited about how the GoPro is going to work for this.

Maggie had a lot of fun in the park and did a lot of filming and picture taking.  She did not know what to expect from Letchworth.  We drove most of the park and saw all of the falls.  She even got to film one of the final trains going across the trestle.  It is being torn down this summer.

From the park, once it was dark, we drove up to the Charcoal Corral in Perry and got ice cream.  Maggie has been wanting to do that since getting to New York.