December 10, 2016: Fuller House Season Two

Today we decided to binge watch Fuller House Season Two on Netflix as a family.  It was a really nice day.  Liesl and Luciana climbed up with me on the big couch in the living room and just snuggled all day, it was awesome.  We had such a nice family day with absolutely nothing else going on.

Rachel stopped by in the afternoon, but for less than half an hour and was off again so we never really saw her.

We managed to get through the entire second season of Fuller House in a single sitting.  It was, I think, maybe better than the first season.  It was good, for sure.  We really enjoyed it.

Tonight Liesl discovered DuoLingo right around bed time.  I got it loaded up on her phone when she excitedly watched me doing my bedtime Italian lessons.  So she did two lessons of her own on her own account before falling asleep!  How exciting that she is voluntarily taking up learning Italian!

Luciana was disappointed that she could not do DuoLingo with us (she neither has her own phone nor can she read the English so it makes it impossible for her) so I looked and found some iPad applications that are meant for younger kids to learn Italian.  She had great fun going through some lessons with that as well.  We are so happy that the girls are excited to be learning Italian.

The girls slept in our room tonight.  They plan to get up in the morning and work on Italian again.