December 9, 2016: Luciana Has Strep

Friday.  Luciana got up very, very sick today.  She had a bad fever and her neck was really swollen.  We had to take her to the clinic pretty early in the day.

The clinic went well, we saw the doctor and they ran a test on the spot and so we only had to wait like twenty minutes and they knew that she had strep throat.  No big deal, once in a while it can manifest in this way so nothing to be alarmed about.  They got us on amoxicilian <sp> and they were sure that she would be just fine.  Luciana had such a good experience at the clinic that she said that she wants to go back there next time that she is not feeling well!

Had a busy afternoon trying to fix the epic disaster that someone who Cornell felt acceptable to give a degree to did to a company.  What a mess.  That took all afternoon and definitely felt like documentation for a professional negligence trial.