December 18, 2016: Frozen Pipes (Again)

Well our adventure today is that our pipes in our Texas home have frozen, again.  They froze that first winter that we had the house and, as far as we know, they have not frozen since.  But last night was too much for them and we woke up this morning with no water.  We know that the water was working late last night as we used it around four in the morning.  But it was super cold and apparently it just got too cold for the water last night.  Just great.  Now we have a bit of a disaster on our hands.

We called around and found the hotel right down the street, the brand new Courtyard by Marriott had plenty of space and could give us a great deal so we booked that for two days.  We called over and they said that since we were frozen and had kids that they would get us right in this morning, so we were down the street and into the hotel long before noon.  We are very thankful for their help.

Our hotel at the Courtyard is awesome.  The whole facility is really nice and absolutely brand new.  Our room was really great.  We will always use them here.

We took the opportunity of not being at home to go out to IHOP for a late breakfast.  That was yummy.

When we got back to the hotel, I noticed that the fire hydrant in front of the hotel had exploded and there was a waterfall in their parking lot.  They were not aware of it yet.  It is so cold out here that even the fire hydrants are freezing and bursting!

I visited the house late tonight to inspect it and make sure that nothing had burst.  I found the house unable to get above sixty degrees and then found Chris and Rachel outside working on Rachel’s car with the doors not completely shut so ice cold air from the outside was coming right into the house where the heater cannot keep up.

I felt the air ducts and felt like the heater was not working properly but Chris assured me it was just my imagination (spoiler: it wasn’t.)