December 19, 2016: Living in the Hotel

Dominica went over this morning to inspect the house and see how things were.  Verdict: everything is still frozen solid.  No hope of getting in there today whatsoever.  We need to extend at the hotel before we will know if we can get into the house.  It is staying so cold outside.

To make things worse, Dominica discovered that Rachel had shut off the heat at the house, argh.  So the house was down to forty six degrees and had no way to heat up.  We have been having heat issues and this is not going to help.  Nothing to be done now, we had had a hope that the heat from the house would spread to the pipes, but now that the house is nearly frozen that can’t happen.

We turned the heat back on and hoped that it would at least get warm enough to keep any further damage from happening.

We did a late dinner in the hotel.  We tried out the hotel’s restaurant so Dominica and I got baked brie from there!  Yummy.

My DuoLingo is coming along very well.

I went over to the house late and picked up dinner while I was out and went to Lowe’s and got the water key so that I could shut off the water at the street to make sure that the house does not flood as soon as it gets warm enough for the water to flow.  Without someone there that would be a huge disaster.  So no water until we check it manually, now.