December 20, 2016: The House is Thawed

Tuesday. Well the house thawed out this morning.  But as soon as it did and we were able to get water trickling through the house we noticed that the pipe that is exposed in the back yard behind the air conditioning condenser had blown and was spraying water all over.  Just great.  So until we can get someone to fix that we are stuck at the hotel anyway and can’t run the water in the house.

We spent much of the day trying to coordinate someone to come take a look at the leak and get it fixed.  We let it leak for a little bit until we cleared out all of the pipes and made sure that we had no other issues and no ice in the lines.  Then we shut it off all day.

Hopefully we can get things fixed tomorrow or we are going to have a really rough time.  So still living in the hotel for now.


The Leak