December 28, 2016: Hidden Object and Laser Day

Today is Wednesday and we are in Houston for the holidays and today is the forty first day of my DuoLingo Italian streak!  I’m feeling stronger and stronger on the language every day.

I “worked” from the chair in the living room all day.  The day was relatively quiet, no major plans today.  This is our last full day in Houston and it looks like Dominica’s brother and sister in law are going to drive to Frankfort, New York tomorrow for the funeral so they are going to be taking off just hours before we do as well.

Francesca played a bit of Tropico 4 today and is starting to get into it.  Garrett is into Yet Another Zombie Defense which is actually pretty cool as bargain games go.

This evening we decided that a few of us adults were going to sit down and play a hidden object game.  Emily and I decided to talk to the corner drug store to see if they sold laser pointers because I have been wanting to get cheap ones for the girls to use when we play hidden object games for family game night anyway.  Emily is always up for a walk to the corner store.

We got to CVS and thankfully they had exactly two laser pointers and they were in yellow (kind of a gold colour) and purple.  Perfect for Luciana and Liesl who will now never need to fight over them.  That worked out really well.  And they were just three dollars each.  So cheap.  I wish that we had things like that when I was young.  I still remember lasers being things that you could only see at a science museum!

We got back to the house and it took about five minutes for every kid to be all over all of us wanting to use the lasers and even Dominica wanted one.  So Emily and I set back out to see what we could find.  We had bought everything that they had at CVS so we tried Walgreens this time.  Walgreens had four laser pointers, all weird ones that projected shapes, and cost way more than they should have and turned out to not work very well.  But we got enough to keep the kids entertained and get through the night.  Now we know: laser pointers are a huge deal for family video game time.  I’ve been predicting this for a while but it really does let everyone get involved and participate rather than just watching and it was loads of fun.  All the kids had a great time and want to do this more often.