December 30, 2016: Friday with Rachel

Today is our last real day to see Rachel.  Rachel worked from home today, which we did not even know until late in the morning.  I thought that she had gone to work, but she actually had just not come out of her room all morning.  I heard her around seven thirty getting ready for work but I got up at eight and there was no sign of her so I figured that she was already driving to the office.  But she was actually home all day.

Dominica worked on planning and packing most of the day.  I worked on writing and posting, mostly.  Rachel came out and hung out in the house proper for the later part of the day.

This evening we decided to do something fun together since we have the rare chance to go out just the three of us.  We called La Cima and they tried to get us in for tonight but were so busy that they just couldn’t do it.  So I called the Tower Club downtown and they got us reservations for six!  It has been forever since we were there.

We had to leave the house around four thirty, of course Rachel wasn’t ready so we were running very late.  We just missed the train, it literally was sitting there as we walked up to get tickets.  So we had to wait a full twenty minutes in the cold for the next one to take us downtown.  At least going to the Tower Club we really do not have to drive anywhere.

We got downtown and were only about twenty minutes late for our reservation which was fine as they were not very busy.  We got a great table by the main windows, a table that I have been at several times before.  Dinner was awesome, we really miss the “clubs” and the dining that we used to have.  I got the blackened scallops.  Dominica got the pecan crusted snapper.  Rachel got the cedar plank salmon (and of course put ketchup on it.)  Overall, Dominica was the food winner of the evening, but it was all very good.

Rachel had loads of paperwork that she still had to do for the office so we came back to the house and were back before nine.  She put in about two hours or more working in the living room.  We hung out while Dominica laid down because her back was bothering her.

Around midnight Shawn came over and we played Cards Against Humanity with the four of us until around two thirty in the morning.

I am on my forty third day of my streak with DuoLingo!