December 6, 2016: Last Days of Disco

Tuesday. Got up super early before anyone else was awake.  Got out and got breakfast at Taco Bell, their breakfast is always way better and cheaper than you expect it to be.  But their coffee is nothing to compare to McDonald’s so you have to pick your battles or drive to two places to get breakfast going.  The sun was insanely bright this morning, I could barely see for the longest time.

Kids wanted pizza and we are tired of the other options so just got Domino’s tonight.

Hung out with Shawn and Rachel at the house tonight.  Rachel has been begging us to watch Last Days of Disco which it turns out is the third part of a trilogy of which she was unaware so there was a lot of the movie that did not make sense.  Of course, it was not a good movie that really made sense anyway, so that probably was not  a big deal.  This continues the trend of Rachel picking absolutely terrible movies.