December 7, 2016: Babysitting for a Change

Wednesday.  Normal writing and posting day.  About six weeks until we head back to Europe, starting to get into the window where there is a lot to be done and it seems like there is a lot of time but it is actually becoming a crunch with the holidays and everything.  We should be in New York in less than a month.

This evening we had dinner at IHOP with the kids.  They like it there and we like the toasted marshmallow hot chocolate.  The kids tried it and Liesl liked it a little but could only drink half of one and Luciana could not drink any at all.  So I got a lot.  I took a full cup to go, as well.

Rachel went out with Melanie to go car shopping this evening.  While they were out we babysat Melanie’s two year old son.  The girls thought that that was fun.

Rachel came home with a “new” 1996 Honda Civic that looks like it is about to fall apart but seems to run well enough.  It is a standard, so no risk of Dominica borrowing it.