January 12, 2017: First Day at Dad’s

We all slept in a lot this morning.  We are very exhausted after such a long week and staying up so late last night.  I actually only got up for maybe three or four hours before Luciana and I decided to just go down for a nap.  Luciana mostly did not nap and just hung out on the futon with me snuggling while I actually rested or slept for about six hours.  Boy did I need it.  I felt so much better after all of that sleep. I have been so sick for days.

Once I was up I ordered pizza from Papa Roni’s and drove down to Pavilion to pick it up.  I had a semi truck pull out in front of me, running the stop sight from 246 going onto 63.  Thank goodness it was not icy or I would have slammed into him.

I got two pizzas and loads of blue cheese dressing and brought it home where we fired up Rick Steves on YouTube and watched some of his stuff on Rome while we ate.

A very short day for me.  Back to bed on the early side.  I really need my sleep.