January 13, 2017: Europe Gets a Blizzard

We get only three days at dad’s this week.  Today is Friday and we are halfway through our time “back home” before we are off to Italy.  This morning I actually set up my laptop in the kitchen and started working on catching up some.  I did not even bother to get online yesterday at all.  So I spent much of the day writing and posting.  There is a lot to do before we are heading out of town this weekend.  This week really threw us for a loop and we are not very well prepared for all of the upcoming travel.  It does not feel real that we are just days away from heading to Italy.

On top of everything else, Europe is caught in the grip of a massive cold snap that has caused scores of deaths and has the BBC describing southern Italy as looking like Siberia.

Liesl is still feeling sick this morning but Luciana has gotten over her cold and fever.  I still have my cold, but am improving.  Hopefully it will not be all that bad by the time that we go to fly.

Dad made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup today.  Luciana ended up loving her grilled cheese and ate a whole, huge sandwich all on her own.

Dominica got our car prenotated today for the weekend.  We have a car from Enterprise that we will pick up from the Rochester airport on Saturday and drop off at JFK in Brooklyn on Sunday.

We did panic credit card management today.  Always stupid things that we need to address at the last second.  We remembered that I needed to renew my International Driver’s Permit this afternoon, so I quickly drove up to Pittsford to go to the AAA office there.

Only took a few minutes and less than $32 to get my IDP.  Now we are all set for the year.  We have learned our lesson with that in Spain when we were there with Rachel and she was unable to rent a car.

I stopped at Root 31 and picked up coffee for Dominica and myself.  Real coffee, more like we will be getting in Europe in a few days.

Dominica wanted me to get food on the way home, so she sent me to University Hots in Geneseo to get our last garbage plates of the season.

I brought dinner home then we watched some more travel videos on YouTube while we ate dinner.