January 3, 2016: Taco Bell and Quiz Night

Tuesday.  I got the kids to finally go out with me to Taco Bell and try some different foods.  We got a number of different things and they tried lots of stuff and discovered that they really love the cheesy roll ups and I discovered that I really like their new sweet and spicy double crust tacos.  They were delicious.  Now the girls are excited about going to Taco Bell more often, so this was a big success.

This evening we went to Quiz Night with Rachel as Michael agreed to babysit.  So this is our last night out for Quiz Night as we have to be on our way to New York this weekend as the Ralstons are coming down and need the space in the house.

Quiz Night went really well.  We had a good turnout, a lot of people, and for the first time we managed to come in fifth which gives us points in the finals.  But this is our last one so Radium and the Half Lives will have to compete without us after this.

Radium and the Half Lives

Watson, Chris, Estella, Brandon and a few others made it out by the end of the night.