January 4, 2017: Packing Begins

Finally the procrastination is over and the real packing has begun.  The house is torn apart as luggage is all over the house and things are being packed as Dominica gets them ready.  There is a lot to do before this weekend and we don’t know when we are going to be heading up to New York, but it has to be before Monday so our time is almost up, it is Wednesday today.  Dad has not been feeling great so we have been delaying a little to give him time to rest up and feel better before we descend on him with the girls who tend to be rather exhausting.

Super cold here tonight, below freezing. I went out and insulated the exposed remains of the water line in the back yard.

The heat pump just keeps kicking on and causing the condenser in the back yard to turn into a block of ice.  This is a major problem.

I took the girls out for their final trip to get frozen yoghurt tonight.

Luciana and Liesl with Frozen Yoghurt