January 8, 2017: Missouri

I called the insurance company this morning but they are closed on the weekend and we cannot talk to them until the morning.  That’s a bit of a problem.  I called a tire place up the street and verified that they have the tires that we need and what it will cost.  There is no huge hurry to get to Ohio, now, so we need to save the hundreds of dollars on the tire.  We paid a lot for this insurance, we need to use it.

We started the day going out to lunch with Paul and Karen. Had a really nice lunch at a local bar and grill that is right across the street from them.

This afternoon, at Paul and Karen’s recommendation, we took Karen’s car from lunch and drove the girls to the St. Louis Science Center and had a really nice afternoon at the museum.  The girls had a great time.   They loved the dinosaur exhibit which had one of the “digging for bones” activities that Liesl loves so much.  Luciana’s favourite exhibit was one where you squeezed bottles and smelled a dozen different things and had to guess what they were.

We closed down the museum, which is free.  It’s not huge but it is really nice and well done and very impressive considering that it is totally free.

We went back to the house and relaxed for a while.  Kelly came home from work and Dominica requested that we all go out to eat at a place she saw down the street called Uncle Bill’s Pancake House.  Dinner ended up being quite good.