November 18, 2016: Working on DuoLingo Italiano

Friday.  Slow day today as we start to head towards the holiday week.  I spent a bit of the day today working on DuoLingo Italian.  We are going to be heading to Italy at the beginning of January and I want to be really ready for it.  I got into my Italian studies yesterday but am trying to really keep it going today.  I’m really enjoying how quickly I am able to pick it up and feel like I am making real progress really quickly.  So I did easily twenty lessons today!

Rachel came home at lunch today.  She is going to the Houston area renaissance festival this weekend and is not going to be home until Sunday afternoon but she had to come up from work and pack before being able to leave today.  So we saw her but just a little bit.

Scott and Rachel

This evening, Dominica was going to go out but everyone ended up canceling on her so in the end she decided to stay home and watch The Gilmore Girls, to get ready for the release of their new mini series next week, and that I could go out.  So I talked to Shawn and he and I went to Quinlan’s for a couple of drinks.