November 19, 2016: Cowboy Red River

Saturday.  We have the house to ourselves all day as Rachel is down in Houston for the renaissance festival there.  She left yesterday and won’t be back until later in the day tomorrow.  So this is rare for us to have a quiet house for the entire day.

Liesl played some video games this morning.  She is really, really into Rayman Origins, which is a hard platform game and we are very impressed that she is playing it so much and so well.

This evening Kim and Armando came over to hang out, we have not seen them in forever.  Sheldon and Bryce came along too.  Kiara stayed and watched the girls, it has been years since she babysat them, they were so excited.

We started by going to the Drunken Donkey up in The Colony so that Armando could watch the Oklahoma versus West Virginia game up there.  We had some snacks there and hung out for an hour or two.  Allie was working but we did not see her until we were going to leave.

Sheldon and Bryce went home and then Kim, Armando, Dominica and I tried going out to Mavericks up Hebron but we stepped in and it was not the kind of place that we were looking for so we decided to take Bryce’s advice and go to Cowboy Red River in the city instead.  It was a little bit of a drive but turned out ot be far more of what we were looking for.

None of us have been to Cowboy Red River before but it turned out to be pretty nice.  The place was huge, had lots of dancing, loads of people and a good live band.  We had a really nice evening.