November 23, 2016: Another Surprise Outage on SW Today

Wednesday.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  We had another day today of Spiceworks being down for nearly the entire day.  It was weird, for most people the community was totally offline but I was able to be on it for most of the day, but not all of it.  But far more than other people.  So that drove a lot of traffic to MangoLassi over the past two days as this has been going on since yesterday in the early afternoon.  It’s been a bit of a wild week.  And all of this following the Monday announcement that SpiceWorld London was canceled only six months before the event.  I had been thinking of flying in from Cluj to see the event, as well.

Today was a quiet day for me in the back bedroom trying to get things done.  I got a ton of posting done, some small projects and got to do some early Black Friday shopping online.  I got a Humble Bundle of O’Reilly UNIX books, like a ton of them, for super cheap.  That was a great deal, could not pass it up.  GOG’s sale started yesterday and I got Technobabylon.  Steam’s Autumn Sale started today and I got lot of games, mostly for Dominica, in it.  Francesca says that she is going to buy a bunch of games in the sale as well, but she said that last Christmas, and over the summer as well, so we will see if the third time is a charm.

We did nothing this evening, just hung around the house.  Dominica and Francesca have to be up very early tomorrow morning so no going out tonight.