November 24, 2016: Thanksgiving

Thursday, of course, as it is Thanksgiving.  I spent the morning sleeping in then doing some writing as there really is not much else to do.  Dominica and Francesca were busy cooking all morning, of course.  They had to be up at six to do it!  No fun there.

It was one when we went over to the Toccos’ house for Thanksgiving dinner.  The turkey was just going into the fryer, so it was a while before we got to eat.  Dinner was good, as always.

We over ate until we were in pain.  Why do we always do that?  And what about Thanksgiving Dinner makes what seems like a normal portion of food so painfully too much?  I didn’t feel like I had eaten that much but boy was it was too much.  And there is no meat, so it is mostly pretty light.

After dinner we took Madeline to work as she was stuck working the pre-Black Friday madness until one or two in the morning.  So we were driving her.

While Madeline was at work, Dominica and I went back to Preamble and hung out there until it was time to go to pick her up.  We had a great time hanging out with Sage behind the bar and Robin, his brother from Portland, who was there this evening.  There were a few girls that were there when we arrived that hung out until we nearly left as well.  It was quiet but not as quiet as you would have guessed for Thanksgiving evening.

Madeline ended up being done at one so we were able to leave on the early side and go pick her and a friend up and drive them home.  Madeline has to work early tomorrow morning so needs her sleep quickly.