November 27, 2016: Liesl Turns Eight!

Because there was a party at the house last night, we all sang to Liesl at midnight to wish her a happy birthday.  She loved that. There must have been twenty people singing to her.

The girls were up late last night playing all of their new video games, so they, along with us, slept in late this morning.

Today was a “spend the day with the girls” day.  We hung out some during the day but once everyone was awake, Liesl really wanted us to play video games.  So we broke out Overcooked which she has been so interested in and we played for over two hours as a family.  The game is super fast paced and is like a casual time management game combined with a strategy game combined with a four player cooperative single screen experience.  It’s well done and very intense.  We managed to get up to around the third chapter playing it today.

Liesl played a bit of Slime Rancher as well on her own as that is a one player game that she has been wanting for most of the year.

Liesl had lots of calls today. Her first day to really be “on the phone” all day. A new thing for her as she has her own iPhone now.  She got her first traditional phone call today which was from Dominica’s parents.  And my dad gave her her first FaceTime call to her own phone.

Luciana was very anxious all day to give Liesl her birthday present that only came from Amazon around seven this evening.  Liesl got the premium version of Stealth Elf for Skylanders Trap Team on her iPad.  She has been asking for this for months and was super happy to get it.

Once the present was opened we had to all get ready because we were going out to the Magic Time Machine down on Belt Line in Addison to celebrate Liesl’s birthday dinner.  We didn’t realize how early they were going to close so we ended up in quite a rush to get there.  We left the house after eight and they close at nine.  Whoops.

We got in and were the last table to be seated.  The place was nearly empty.  It was very quiet but the girls had a great time and want to come back again.  The food was good and the atmosphere was perfect for girls their ages.  Liesl said that it was the best birthday dinner that she has ever had.

Once back home, around ten, we dropped off Rachel so that she could watch The Walking Dead and then we came home for a quiet evening.  Liesl played a lot of Ankh: Anniversary Edition for a long time, long after we had gone to bed ourselves.  It’s the third of the Ankh series that she has played, but the first one to have released.  So she is learning the background story of the other two that she has already completed.   Although she really does not remember those much as they were so long ago and she was so young.