November 26, 2016: Pot Luck Party

Today is Saturday and our Pot Luck House Party.  That means that most of today is about cleaning.

Actually the early part of the day was Dominica and Rachel chilling while I worked on posting and writing for much of the day.  The weather was perfect so they sat outside just enjoying the atrium for much of it.

There was a lot of cleaning to do today.  Rachel raked the entire atrium, which ended up being like four garbage bags full of leaves, which I then burned in the fire pit in the back yard.  That took over an hour, but worked well.

The girls moved the back yard furniture into the atrium today so that there would be a place to sit there.  Rachel and I tried to move the terrible old armoire that has been plaguing our living room for a long time out to the curb but once she tried to lift her side we knew that that was not going to be happening.  So hopefully Chris can help me get that out of here tomorrow.

The girls did most of the cleaning, I was in the office getting work done the majority of the day.

Around six Dominica sent me out to go grocery shopping at Walmart which was rather a sizable endeavor as the list that she gave me was impressive.  I did well, though, and while it took me a while to track everything down, track everything down I did.  I was pretty proud of myself.

I got back home and unloaded the groceries and then got the television and gaming system in our room moved over to the girls’ room so that they could play video games tonight.  Because it is Liesl’s birthday tomorrow and since they have to be on their own a bit tonight, I bought them the two big games that Liesl has been asking for from Steam so that they could play them tonight: Slime Rancher and Overcooked.  I also downloaded and got a few other newer games ready for them to check out tonight like Barbie and Sisters Puppy Rescue and Shelter 2.

Then it was time to shower and by the time that I was out a few people had arrived for the party.  We turned out to have a good crowd tonight.  Of course none of the people who had RSVP’s on Facebook came and loads of people who did not, did.  So weird.  Millenials I guess 😉

The party went well, running till six thirty in the morning!