November 3, 2016: Last Day of SpiceWorld

I was out taking care of people so late last night that this was a zero sleep night for me.  Today is going to be a very hard day.

I started the morning by running down to have breakfast with Rob and Alan at the Radisson.  They have an excellent breakfast down there,  I had no idea.  We sat and talked for a while out on the river front.  A great venue.

The conference went well today and I spoke a little during the hyperconvergence talk.  Then this afternoon, around three, I had lunch at Uncle Julio’s with Dominica and the girls.

Lunch at Uncle Julio’s in Austin

Dominica looked into a local babysitting service today and found one that is well rated and is all local run by a local family that we felt really comfortable with and managed to get a babysitter lined up for tonight and for the wedding tomorrow so that she will be able to attend the wedding as well!

It rained really hard this afternoon.  A surprising amount of rain.  After lunch I went to the hotel with the girls and Dominica went to the conference.

Luciana in the Hyatt Place, Austin

The babysitter came over this evening and seemed like she would get along with the girls really well.  Liesl had Dominica’s phone so that she could keep in contact with us while we were not there as well.  It is very handy having a hotel for having a babysitter like this, another layer of safety.

We had a good night out at the after parties tonight.  We had a huge crowd at Touche’s and went for an insane new goal of Flaming Doctor Peppers this year.  It was a really good night.  We all had a lot of fun.  And having the babysitter was a great idea, that really worked out and know we know that she will work out well tomorrow for the wedding.  Dominica is very excited that she gets to attend the wedding.