November 4, 2016: Huw and Gabrielle’s Wedding!

Five hours of sleep last night, a very slight recovery from the night before with no sleep at all.

Breakfast this morning…

IHOP Breakfast with the Family

We walked with the girls down to IHOP this morning to fortify ourselves with a big breakfast and hot chocolate.  They have the best toasted marshmallow hot chocolate there.

Back around lunch we met up with Lauren and Tony at the local creperie  in the basement of the Hampton Inn next door and hung out having coffee and crepes on the street for a while until it was time to think about getting ready for the wedding cruise on the river this evening.  Mario ended up stopping by and joining us as well.

We had some errands to run, just looking for a pharmacy and such.  So we walked around town with the kids for a little bit.

Big Guitar in Austin with Liesl and Luciana

We ran into Katie and Ivan while running our errands.  Then it was time to get ready for the wedding.

We walked to the Radisson because Lauren had said that we should meet her and Tony there.  We spent some time searching for them before finding out that she had meant to meet them at a different hotel that had never been mentioned.  So we were very confused.

We went to the boat launch and found a bunch of people waiting for the boat at a hotel there so hung out there for maybe fifteen minutes.  Then it was time to board the boat.

The wedding was a lovely affairs with loads of friends and family out on a boozy river cruise in Austin. We had a great time, it was loads of fun and Dominica was so happy that she was able to make it which did not look likely until more or less the last minute.

More after cruise drinking around Austin. Dominica went back to the hotel and relieved the babysitter.  I went out for the “reception” out in Austin.  We had a good turn out there.  Huw was not much to be seen, he was pretty drunk by that point.  Gabrielle was out with us, though, and active – as was some of her family including her grandmother who hung with us until pretty late.

I dropped the last of the people, Rob, Bud and Simon, off at their hotel and headed for the Hyatt Place and called it a night.