November 5, 2016: Liesl’s New Phone

We slept in as much as we could and did not leave the Hyatt Place until noon.  We were all very tired.  I ate some cold pizza that was left over in the room before we took off.

On our way north we stopped off at Round Rock Donuts and picked up two dozen to take back with us.  It has been way too long since we have managed to have donuts from there.  So yummy!

Scott at Round Rock Donuts in Round Rock, Texas

We got food for the kids from McDonald’s to feed them in the car as they did not want donuts.  They are crazy.

We got home at five thirty in the afternoon.  Glad to be back to the house.  Watson came over this evening and hung out for a while.  My new iPhone 7+ arrived today and I have it set up.  Loving it so far.  This is the 128GB model which is so nice after I have put up with being limited to just 16GB for the last ~5 years.

I got Liesl set up with her “new” iPhone 5S and she is loving it.  She is the first seven year old that she knows with her own iPhone.

Liesl was so excited to have her new phone, we went out and did a quick Pokewalk.

Heading Out to Hunt Pokemon with the Girls