October 15, 2016: Video Game Weekend

We were not up for long before Dominica declared today to be a video game day!  That never happens.  I guess Liesl having fun with her new Nintendo 3DS made Dominica jealous.  Rachel and Chris went to the local airshow today.  So we had the house to ourselves as the Millers.

I set up Skyrim in the living room and played that for quite a bit today.  The girls found it interesting and ended up hanging out with me and watching it quite a bit.

Dominica played some of “Doctor Who: The Adventure Game” today for family game afternoon.

This evening Dominica went out so I stayed home with the girls and they decided to do their own thing playing their games so I watched some of That 70s Show.  The girls and I ordered in Chinese delivery for dinner.

The girls and I played Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing.