October 19, 2016: Switching Rooms

Wednesday.  Today for lunch Dominica made homemade curry.

This afternoon Rachel switched bedrooms with us.  Until now she has been sleeping in the master suite and Dominica and I have been squeezed into Liesl’s old room (the small one towards the front of the house near the bar) along with tons of Rachel’s storage stuff.  But today we took the time to move our stuff between the rooms so that Dominica and I could have our old master back.

It’s neat being back in our old room, although it was interesting sleeping in Liesl’s old room, too.  Both girls had chosen Luciana’s old room as the place where they were going to be, anyway.

We ate dinner and watching That 70s Show before getting back to moving furniture and boxes.

Tonight Luciana randomly asked me if we could visit Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  You know that you are hard core travelers when your five year old randomly comes up with ideas like this.

I updated my business laptop from Ubuntu 16.04 to 16.10 this evening.