October 20, 2016: Malarkey Wine Night

Thursday.  Lunch today was going to the Diner of Dallas, down on Beltline, which we have not been back to in years.  It was exactly like it used to be.  I got fish tacos for lunch, which were pretty good.  It was late by the time that we went, the kids were not awake until noon.

The Steam Halloween Sale started today and I got a dozen new games.

This evening Dominica stayed home with the girls while I went out to ladies night at Malarkey’s with Rachel.  Chris and Melanie ended up coming with us.  It was a short evening, we just went for an hour or two and then came back home since the bar is right up the street.

Everyone came back and hung out at the house for a while after being at the bar.  I took Melanie home around midnight.