October 31, 2016: Happy Halloween

Dominica and the girls headed down to Houston this morning so that they can celebrate Halloween with the Grices.

The Ralstons arrived decently early.  We got Panda Express.  Then Danielle and I went to TMobile and tried to get me an iPhone 7+ but they were all out of them so we had to order one that should arrive later this week.  While we were there we set Liesl up with her own phone line which she will get to use as soon as my new phone arrives and we get her transitioned over.  She is getting my old iPhone 5S that is still in very good shape.

I had dinner with Rachel tonight, then Art and Danielle picked me up and we drove towards Austin.  We decided that it would save a bunch of money if we stayed in Temple tonight at the EconoLodge instead of going all of the way to Austin.  So we did that and will be in Austin tomorrow.