February 12, 2017: Family Video Game Day

Sunday.  Today became an impromptu family video gaming day.

I was doing some testing of new games that have been found and downloaded and the first one that I tested today was Samantha Swift and the Roses of Athena which is a hidden object adventure game that is well suited for kids and has a story based around archeology which is pretty fun.  The whole family enjoyed this one and ended up playing it for probably an hour or more!  I had meant to only test that it worked but the kids got really into it and were not willing to have us turn it off.

Dominica hard boiled eggs today and made egg salad for a late lunch.  The kids had fish sticks for dinner.

We tried out several different games this afternoon but eventually settled on returning to Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill and played it all afternoon into late evening and we managed to complete it.  Liesl said that it was still quite fun, but not nearly as good as the first two that we played.

We moved on to starting our four Nancy Drew game, which is number three in the series (number two is not easily available from anywhere that we get games, it is the only one that we can’t just get) and so tonight we started the very old Nancy Drew: Message in the Haunted Mansion.