Today is Tuesday and it is Valentine’s Day and, of course, my niece Madeline’s birthday; she is seventeen today.

I slept in some this morning but when I got up it was time to work on Valentine’s Day cards.  Dominica and I worked on that all morning.  Once the girls were up it was time to go out for ice cream, because I promised them that we would since we failed to find any last night.

We went down to the gelato place that we found last night.  Liesl and Luciana both opted for the bright blue puffo flavour.  Which was tasty but none of us was every able to actually identify it.  It could be anything.  Dominica got some chocolate combinations.  I was brave and went for the pistachio reale which turned out to be the huge winner of the day.  It was amazing.  Crushed pistachios on top and a huge amount of pistachio cream (think nutella but pistachio) all through it!

We sat outside to eat it for a bit but it was just too cold.  We came back in and Dominica and I got espresso, too.

We did not stay out long as it was kind of chilly.  So we just walked back home after our gelato and espresso.

The first order of business was that both girls were very anxious to present everyone with their Valentine’s Day gifts.  Both girls have put in a lot of work on these.  They both made everyone cards.  It was very sweet.  Dominica and I had to sit on the couch as the girls presented our cards to us.

The girls both got a box of Kinder Sorpressa which is three eggs each.  Plus a card from each of us.  They are pretty excited about that.

Once we were done exchanging cards and candy for Valentine’s Day I was up to the office upstairs to begin a work marathon.  There is just so much to do that I have to take the night off from any relaxing and just stick to it.  I worked all evening and all night.  The girls went to bed and slept there while I worked.  Dominica did a ton of work today too.  She has taken up a career as a web designer and has done so much work these past two weeks, it is amazing. The stuff that she is turning out is really great.