February 15, 2017: Continuing My Long Day

I ended up just skipping going to bed last night and worked through the night and all day.  I put in thirty hours straight by the time that I was done.  Basically did not leave my desk for that entire time.

So I worked all day.  Got to see the sun rise on the Mediterranean which was pretty cool.  It was a long day, but very productive and I felt much better by the end of the day.

I finished working in time to take the kids down to get pizza for dinner.  We ordered our pizza then walked down to the main street where there is an ATM (Bancomat) so that I could get some cash.  While we were there we discovered a panino food truck that operates there at night!  How cool.  So we had to stop in and order a caprese panino and some patate fritte (French fries).

While we awaited the food the girls went over to the big square in front of the arch leading into town and ran around like maniacs.  Probably good to wear themselves down some.

I liked the panino and the fries were pretty good.  We had a big dinner with loads of pizza and stuff.

We got home and put on Modern Family and watched that until I was too tired to stay awake, which was at eleven.  I went to bed, leaving everyone else up for I have no idea how long.  I was out like a light.