February 19, 2017: Last Day with Dominica

Sunday.  Dominica is already totally packed for her trip to Florida tomorrow so she really has nothing to do today for that.  She has been packed for most of the week, partially because she has been trying so hard to get as much stuff moved out of our house here as possible so that we don’t have to keep dealing with it while we are over here and especially so that we don’t have to get it back to the US later.  We packed too heavily, but we are getting better at that with each trip that we take.  It’s a slow learning process.

Dominica edited a paper that I wrote today and I got that submitted this morning.  That has been keeping me busy much of the week.  So that was good.  That took us a bit of time this morning and the girls slept in late so Dominica and I had a chance to hang out and talk for a while.

We took it easy today, although I worked a bit, but by this evening it was family time for everyone.  After a month of trying to convince the kids to watch Madagascar on Netflix I finally talked them into it tonight.  Liesl wanted to see it, but Luciana did not.  Once it was on, however, Luciana really enjoyed it.  They watched it very closely.

After that we watched Spy Kids which I have never seen and the girls both loved.  It’s cute and has an incredible cast.  There are at least three of the series available on Netflix here, so the girls are anxious to get watch all of them.  We are going to spread them out and watch them while Dominica is gone.

I got Liesl to try the one modern Jackie Chan movie that is available on Netflix here: The Spy Next Door.  She loved it and wants to see more Jackie Chan movies now.  It was a big hit.

We had a nice evening of just all hanging out.  Tomorrow will be pretty busy as Dominica is going to be dealing with her flights and bus and stuff most of the day.