February 26, 2017: Dominica Heads Back to Italy

I got up around nine this morning.  I went up to the office and worked for a little while.  Around noon the girls got up and I found them downstairs putting on their Barbie Puppy Rescue movie that we bought for them yesterday.  This was their third time watching the movie.  I think that it is safe to say that we will be getting our money out of that one.

The girls were very convincing and got me to buy them the sequel Barbie pet movie.  Same price, always on Amazon.  They watched it immediately and then watched it again.  So like the other one, they got two views of it in on the first day.  Another hit.

We had to deal with the Internet being out for much of the day today.  We had about three hours without it this morning and then sporatically throughout the day.

I played my new game Renowned Explorers: International Society today.  This was my first time actually playing the game.  It is not nearly as long or as in depth as I would have hoped, but it is a really different style of game and quite a break from what we normally play.  So that aspect of it is really good.  I played one entire round through it and part of a second.  I like a lot of things about it, but already I feel like I’ve been through a huge percentage of the content.  The game is hugely challenging, which is less what I was looking for, and light on content.  But what is there is pretty good.  In my short afternoon of playing I collected nearly one third of all badges in the game, for example!

It was seven o’clock this evening here in Italy when Dominica dropped off her rental car in Orlando and was on the shuttle over to the airport to get ready for her trip back home to Sicily.

We finished watching Journey 2: The Mysterious Island tonight.  Both girls really liked it.  I was hoping that they would decide that they want to read Jules Verne novels now, but that did not happen.

Tonight Liesl and I watched the movie The Day After Tomorrow which I’ve always liked and she enjoyed a lot.  We had to pause it every few minutes to discuss climate change and she had loads of questions about why the people in the movie didn’t do smarter things, how the weather could do that and so forth.  It ended up being really educational, as well, which was great.

Luciana felt like being on her own much of the evening.  Either in the room with us, sitting on the couch but with her headphones on watching one of her shows on her iPad, or in my bedroom just being alone.

Dominica boarded her flight while we were watching our movie.  She is due to arrive in London early in the morning while we are still asleep.  Big storms in London in the morning.  We had rain all evening here.  Heavy rain. The water came in torrents down the street in front of the house.

Both of my girls love the rain, just like me (and my dad.)  They wanted to go out for walks, but it was very cold and it was a lot of rain.  And we don’t have any clothing that would allow for that.  They both stood for a long time in the front door watching the rain and leaning out to let the rain fall on their hands and feet.

Two more chapters of our first Nancy Drew novel, The Secret of the Old Clock tonight.  We are making very good progress but will not finish it before Dominica gets back home.