February 27, 2017: Dominica Returns to Sicily

Dominica got into London early this morning while the girls and I were still asleep.  She has a lot of traveling to do yet today.  Ryan got into Rome this morning and he is sightseeing on foot around the city all day.  Tonight he and Dominica are on the same Vueling flight from Rome to Catania so will be near us in Sicily late tonight.  They should be arriving around nine.

Our fruit delivery guy came this morning, but he did not have the strawberries that we had wanted that he thought were going to be available today and Luciana asked for more oranges, which he did not have either. But we bought a bunch of other stuff from him.  We are well stocked on fruits and veggies.

Dominica had no issues getting from London to Rome late in the morning.  It was early evening when she got to the Rome airport.  Ryan was still out sightseeing for quite some time, but he was able to join her at the airport for dinner before their flight which was already known to be delayed by mid-afternoon.

Our fruit seller returned to the house in his car in the late afternoon and pounded on the door. He had located oranges and strawberries and delivered them up to the house just for Luciana!  That’s not something that you would ever see happen in the United States.

In the end, the flight from Rome to Catania was delayed about three hours which meant that rather than nine, which was going to be a logistical challenge as it was as the buses and trains stop running by then, it would be midnight when Dominica and Ryan would get to Catania.

This is the last night of the girls and I getting to just hang out on our own.  We watched some television together tonight and read our Nancy Drew book before going to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day of cleaning to get ready for Dominica coming home.