February 5, 2017: We Finally Start Nancy Drew

I got up early this morning and got in maybe an hour or two on Skyrim before anyone else got up.  Once the kids were up, they decided that today was going to be a family video gaming day.  So that is what we settled in to do.  Dominica was already playing Age of Empires 2 before the kids were up, too.

This afternoon, after a very long time trying to get this to happen, I finally got the girls willing to try playing Nancy Drew!  This is very exciting.  We own basically the entire series of Nancy Drew games, definitely all of the ones that are available on Steam, and a year ago Dominica and I tried one of them but did not finish it (yet).  I wanted the girls to enjoy them to decided to start with a more recent entry in the series, one from 2010 that is well rated.

So with Liesl at the controls and Luciana snuggling and all three of us on the couch we started playing Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge.  Both girls loved it. This is a big hit around here.  We played it all evening and into the night.  This one is really spooky and keeps the kids on their toes.  Liesl took to the game very quickly and was able to control it and get around really quickly.  This is awesome.  We are very excited that if they enjoy this that there are so many more great games in the Nancy Drew universe for them to play.  These are the kids of games that we really like them spending their time on.

This particular Nancy Drew title includes an introduction to other types of puzzles like Sudoku (which Liesl has played for a year now) and nonograms which she is just learning about which is great because she is getting into more things that we think that she would enjoy but is unlikely to pick up and play on her own without some prompting.