February 6, 2017: Day Two of Nancy Drew

Monday.  I was up early today and got some writing done.  Then I took a short break before the girls woke up and before the US people came online and did about an hour of Skyrim.  It was nice to get a short break.

I stopped by the panficio this morning and found that if you go at the right time they have pizza.  Pizza with peas on it!  Who would have guessed that peas on a pizza would be so good.  But they really are.

For dinner, Dominica made a spicy pasta that was pretty good.

This evening the girls were very anxious to return to our Nancy Drew adventure.  So as soon as I was done with my writing for the day we all climbed onto the couch and continued the game of Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge.

We did not manage to complete the game tonight, but we made really good progress and I am confident that we will be able to complete it tomorrow with just an hour or two of additional game play.

We all had a lot of fun playing that again. These adventure games are perfect for daddy / daughter game nights.  We love playing them all together and really getting into the game.  We all look forward to attempting to complete this tomorrow.

We have such an extensive video game collection and we often go for so long without really playing through a game. It always makes me very happy when we find one that we really enjoy and manage to actually play through it.  I feel much more accomplished.  If we beat one game per day, it would take many years just to play through the games that we currently own.  We certainly do not play that many.

The girls say that they are really interested in playing through the entire Nancy Drew series, now.  That’s thirty two games as it standards.  Only one of those is currently not easy for us to get.  And one new one is due out in a year or so.  We need to get playing.  If it takes us three days per game, that’s four months of gaming continuously just to play through the Nancy Drew games!