February 8, 2017: Beating Our First Nancy Drew Game

Today is Wednesday and we had a dark and stormy day here in Noto.

Tonight the girls and I sat down and got a few good hours in on our first Nancy Drew game: Nancy Drew and the Shadow at the Water’s Edge.  We did so well last night on it and are so close to the end that even thought it was very late by the time that we managed to start playing it we pushed hard to complete it.

We didn’t get to start playing until after eleven at night, not very ideal.  And we had to play until about three, but we did it.  The last chapter of the game was quite intense and Liesl had to hide her head a bit and there were some moments where she was too scared to control the character. There were some super hard puzzles and even a jump scare!

At the end, though, the girls loved the game and the game shows a few scenes of the upcoming sequel and they are really excited to play that one now, too.  It took a year from when they first saw one of these games to give it a try, but this has worked out great.  Luciana said that she wants to go back when she is Liesl’s age and play through all of these with me again with her controlling them so that she can play the series, too.  That will likely work out really well as she will not likely remember too much of them by that point.

Overall I have to say that this title was pretty good.  The setting was interesting, the story wasn’t pretty good, the characters were odd, but interesting.  It was very fun to play as a family, a great style of game for that.