February 9, 2017: Thought It Would Be a Relaxing Day

I got up and kicked off the day being productive for about two hours before Dominica and I needed to make a trip to the big grocery store down the hill which is such a huge chunk of the day.  We started with a quick trip to the art supply store around the corner to see about some things for the girls’ school.  That was fast and we found a few things that we needed.  It is across the street from our little local grocery and panificio so not really an extra trip in any way.

We got food from the panificio before going back home.  They had pizza again today, so we got it for everyone for lunch.  The slices are big and today were loaded with peas, mushrooms and salty black olives.  And, of course we got bread and some breakfast treats.  The pistachio cream that they use is amazing.

We dropped everything off at the house and then immediately set out for the big grocery store.  We passed through the city park and Dominica scoped it out for Pokemon Go and it is loaded with stuff, the whole area is.  So the kids are going to love that.

It was a nice day, but we could see a storm coming.  It has rained every day that we have been on Sicily.  I think that it must be a lot like Seattle – not all that much rain falls but it falls all of the time.  So just a little every day.

We got our largest grocery load yet.  The backpack has been instrumental in getting this process to work.  We had a full backpack and two large, full heavy duty plastic bags to haul back to the house.  But we did well and we are getting better and better at this process.  And I think that the grocery store people are starting to know us now.

We got home, had our pizza and Dominica decided that everyone needed a relaxing day so had the kids do a light school day with lots of fun worksheets and stuff.  She spent much of the day working on school planning stuff.

I put in a day working on my Linux Administration Book and other writing and posting tasks.  My plan was to wrap up early and spend a long evening with the girls getting engrossed in our next Nancy Drew adventure.  The girls have been so excited about it, they talked to me about it for easily half an hour or more this morning.  Liesl really wants to go back to the beginning of the series and see it from start to finish, even though she knows that the early games are going to be really hard to do and will look awful.  Luciana is very excited about moving forward to the next adventure in the series which would be number twenty four: Nancy Drew and The Captive Curse.

Dominica made pasta tonight and I ate at my desk.  Something loaded with veggies (verdure) , a tomato (pomodoro) sauce (salsa) and vegetarian meatballs.  It was great.  We are eating so healthily and cost effectively here in Sicily. Still only one restaurant meal since we got here (other than the take away bread items from our local panificio.)

I was doing really well and was planning on wrapping up and was just about to head downstairs when I got an email that there was a server down that needed my attention and instead of getting a nice, fun evening with the kids I got to sit at my desk and work like crazy pouring over logs all evening.  That was not fun, but I really cannot complain as that was most of a day’s worth of billable consulting hours.  I worked until one in the morning!

I refused to completely give up my evening with the girls so even though it was one in the morning I went down and we camped out on the couch for an hour and a half and started our next adventure game.  Liesl wanted to play the 1998 Nancy Drew title and Luciana wanted to break out the laser pointers and do a hidden object game so they compromised on Nancy Drew but the title that Luciana wanted.

So far Nancy Drew and the Captive Curse looks far better than the title that came before it, but it is annoyingly still not wide screen nor scalable which is a bit ridiculous for a game that came out in 2010, as did the one that we finished last night.  They clearly made some improvements, possibly just in the art style, but the underlying game engine is still embarrassingly limited.  They still play like games from the late 1990s.  I can’t tell if even the latest titles have fixed this problem yet.

From what little we got to play tonight, this next video game is looking pretty fun.  The last one was set in Kyoto, Japan.  This one is set in the dark forests of southern Germany.  I am so glad that we have found some games that work so well for the three of us to play together.  This is one of our favourite activities.  Dominica was with us, but as usual has her laptop and watches a show on her own.  So while she is only a few inches away, she does not participate in the game itself.

Got everyone in bed before three, always a challenge.  Tomorrow is Friday, hopefully I will get some time to actually relax at that point?

I did put in some time getting Liesl’s own laptop, which is my old HP Folio 13 that I bought for our 2012 trek around Europe, set up with Big Fish and downloading maybe a dozen games for her.  She has several of her classic Dora the Explorer games on there, some of her time management games and I am hoping that her last adventure with Nancy Drew will have turned her on to nonograms which I find enjoyable.  She has two nonogram games on there now as well.