January 26, 2017: Full House Marathon Begins

Thursday.  The weather is nice enough today that I opted to open the windows around the house and get fresh air in.  It’s chilly, but not bad.  About fifteen degrees and the sun is out.

Very busy day of emailing, writing, posting and all of the usual.  Plus some new scrambles caused by yesterday’s news.

This evening we finally got (I guess “finally” is a strong word, we have only been here three days) got the Amazon Fire Stick set up in the living room and got everything working so that we can use Netflix.  Like back in Romania, Full House is available for us here.  The girls have been asking to be able to watch this for more than six months now.  They love this show.

So we picked up where we left off with Full House back in Romania in June and are over halfway through the series now.  Making our way towards the end so that we can start watching Fuller House all over again.

We stayed up quite late watching Full House and snuggling on the couch.  Dominica has a recliner sort of thing in the living room that she uses and the girls pile onto the one couch with me.  The television that comes with the rental house is tiny and only 720p but it works okay.  We will be getting our projector hooked up at some point, although we have no idea when or where we are going to put it.  We’ve been contemplating it and walking around the house trying to figure out where it could work and there are several places that are almost great and none that are really good.

We had a bidet mishap this evening that literally had the water pressure turn on so high that it blew Ciana’s pants right off and shot water all over the room.  That’s one bidet that is going to need some careful management.

The girls are anxious to be video gaming again.