March 25, 2017: Making Friends in Italy

Saturday.  The breaker flipped in the apartment this morning, probably when the fridge’s condenser kicked on or something, and it cut off power to the entire house.  That means that my CPAP turned off and I woke up to being choked by the CPAP.  Not a good way to wake up, far worse than a normal alarm clock (and a lot more dangerous.)

I got up since there was little choice and got to work.  That made it an early day, a few hours before I normally would have gotten up on my own.

This evening I took the girls to the playground because we were hoping to find the inflatable slides and jump house available (they are always there but are deflated much of the time.)  Because we have moved into the shoulder season, they are up in the evenings now on busy nights.  Saturday night is perfect.

We were very happy to find that they were there and so the girls spent every moment that they could on them.  These inflatable bounce houses are definitely the highlight of Sicily for our girls.  It’s the simple things in life.

Inflatable Slide in Noto Sicily
Kids in the Inflatable Slide

After the bouncy castle was deflated and put away, Liesl and Luciana went and did the normal playing on the playground and made a bunch of new, local friends.  They had an awesome evening playing all together there.  They are so happy to have friends now.  Sadly, we are leaving so soon, they will be lucky if they get to see them again.

Football Noto
Liesl Playing Football with New Friends
Luciana in Noto
Luciana on Playground with New Friends

We played until all of their friends had to go home for the evening.  Then I took the girls out for ice cream at the gelato stand near the playground.  It was an awesome evening of hanging out with the kids.  One of their best days in Noto.

Luciana with Gelato
Luciana with Gelato in Noto
Liesl with Gelato
Scott & Liesl with Gelato

Once we walked back to the house, the girls played for a while on their own and Dominica and I watched some Netflix.  Not for long, though, as it was pretty late.

Tonight was more reading of The Bobbsey Twins at bed time.  The girls are really getting into me reading to them at night and are liking this old turn of the [last] century stuff.  We read a bit of Nancy Drew before getting into this series.