April 1, 2017: The Water Is Back On

I woke up at ten thirty to the sound of running water as the new pump kicked on and was filling the roof top tanks.  Thank goodness.  This would have been such a disaster had that not worked.

It took all of our two hours to get the water filled back up, but it did it.  We had to prime the pump to get things flowing.  It was showers and flushes galore once we had water again.  Then the dishes were done.  There are so many things that you forget require water around the house!

This is our last weekend in Italy!  The time always flies by so quickly.  It is like we just got here and we have barely gotten to see anything.  We’ve been to Avola, Siracusa, marginally to Catania and some time in Palermo and the surrounding area.  Dominica did do a trip back to the US while we were here, that took up some of the time.  But three months, it still goes by so quickly.  A week from today we suspect that we will be on a flight, although the details are not all worked out yet.

The sun was out and warm today.  We had the windows open and I worked from the upstairs room with the sun on my back.

I got Sonic Generations on Steam sale today.  Liesl spent part of the day playing The Sims 3.  Another perennial favourite game in the Miller household.  The Sims has been a favourite of all the girls here since Dominica used to play it around 2002 or 2003.

I did work on building a high performance, massively caching web server today.  Lots of work, especially getting everything heavily defined in Salt, but it is coming along really well and I think that this is going to prove to be the answer that I have been looking for in regards to web hosting that I mentioned the other day.  I have been trying to come up with a good solution for a while and this seems like it will be more powerful, faster, and more flexible than anything else that I have considered while probably not costing any more in the long run.

Luciana did not want to go out with us tonight, so it was just Liesl and I that walked down to the city park and hung out this evening.  The girls always enjoy when we get one on one time and the other is not around.  They are with each other so much and we do things as a group so often that it is a special treat to get time with a parent without the other kid there with them.

Tonight was an early night to bed for the entire family.  We can finally relax.  There is water again and we have enough that, if we really, really had to we could make it until it was time to leave Italy without any additional water.  But we are really hoping that we can avoid that situation, or course.