April 2, 2017: Movie Day

Sunday.  Most likely our final Monday in Italy.  This is our last week.  Our visas are almost expired and we have plans to be in Kiev, Ukraine shortly.  That is our next destination and we are very excited to have a new country and, to some degree, a new region under our belts.  Italy has been exhausting, we are ready for the comforts of eastern Europe.

I did some testing with the upcoming FreePBX 14 first thing this morning.  A storm rolled in and it was thunder and rain all morning.  A very quiet day on both MangoLassi and Spiceworks.

The kids took over my office to play video games today.  I moved down to the living room so that I could work while Dominica was making our finalized travel arrangements.  Nothing like trying to get things worked out just five days before we have to move internationally.  We’ve done this so much, it doesn’t even seem odd to be doing this any more.

While we were in the living room together, we took the opportunity to put on some movies to watch.  We watched Rumor Has It, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, No Reservations, The Wedding Ringer, and Down Periscope.

I did a bit of web site maintanance work this afternoon before taking the kids down to the park to go to the playground.  On the way home from the park, we stopped to get pizza and discovered that they have vegetarian arancini available tonight at our local corner pizza place.  What an awesome find!

arancini in Noto

I wish that we had found a place to get arancini in Noto prior to tonight.  I would eat this regularly.  So delicious if you know how to order it.