April 12, 2017: Swedish Fish for Dinner

Thursday.  We had a raining spring night last night but awoke to a warm and sunny Kiev spring morning today.  A gorgeous day and I am excited to get out for another walk through the city.

Dominica made turkish coffee on the stove this morning.  We do Turkish when we lack a coffee maker.  Max is going to bring is own over at some point for us.

We had three rounds of coffee before I went into the office.  Anton was going past this morning so I just rode in with him.  That gave me more coffee time at home.

I have a secretary at the office that makes me coffee all day as well.  I got a desk today, too.  They brought one in and moved it into Anton and Max’s office.  So I am sitting with them, now.

Tonight, after work, Max and I went out to Barvy’s where Anton joined us later.  Great cocktail list here.  But we could not stay long, barely time for one round of drinks as they close very early.

cocktails at barvy kiev
Barvy Cocktail Menu

Max enjoyed his Kiev Mule very much.

kiev mule at barvy's
Max with Kiev Mule in Kiev

Each drink was quite large.

max at barvy
Max with Drink Barrel

After the bar closed down and kicked us out (we were the last ones there) we went over to a Swedish restaurant and did pickled fish for dinner!

Swedish Herring for Dinner
Swedish Smoked Trout

Delish dinner.  Then it was home.  At one thirty in the morning, there was some drunk guy in front of our door yelling so loudly that I thought that he might be yelling at me.  But he was just drunk and lost, I believe.