April 13, 2017: Apartment Day

Thursday, in Kiev, Ukraine. Dominica started the day making Turkish coffee, as we still do not have any form of a coffee maker.  She is getting pretty good at doing this, now.  It takes a bit more skill to make coffee like this, but it is actually really good. We had a couple rounds of Turkish coffee before I took the girls to the playground.  They had gone the other day and Liesl has been working on her monkey bar skills and has been wanting to show them off to me.  So I promised that we would make a playground trip this morning since I was going to be home.  Dominica stayed home, just the girls and I went.

There are a few playgrounds in our little courtyard area between the old apartment buildings.  It is nice that there are decent places to walk and play and sit all without needing to even go next to the street, let alone across it.

I took the day off from going into the office, today.  So we got a nice family day at home with time to relax, catch up on some things, go for walks and to the playground and watch movies.  We’ve been going pretty steady for over a week, a day of nothing was very much needed.

This evening at home, Dominica and I watched Zoolander which we have not seen in a long time.  We have always liked that movie and it is available on Netflix here so a good chance to watch it.  The sequel movie has released and we want to see that, but wanted to rewatch the original first.

The second movie, Zoolander 2, was also available on Netflix so, as you can guess, we watched them back to back.  The second one was not nearly as good as the first, but it was okay.  We enjoyed it and are glad that we got the chance to see it while we were here.

Dinner was Ukranian ramen noodles that the apartment.  We are being really fancy today.