April 21, 2017: Quiet Friday in the Office

Friday.  Today is my last day with the dedicated office all to myself so I wanted to really take advantage of it.  I got up and Dominica made breakfast.  There was only one egg left for me, so I had that.  Dominica had one, too.  We will be heading to the grocery store as a family tomorrow to do what might be our final large grocery shopping trip while we are here in Kiev.  We are already about halfway through our time here!

It was a little warmer today when I set out on my walk into the office. I know the route well now and enjoy the walk.  I’ve figured out to take the central “park” strip in the middle of the boulevard and it feels like I’m walking in a nice park for about a third of the way.

On My Way to the Office in Kiev

I got into the office probably just after eleven.  Lots to work on today so I stayed in the office until nearly one in the morning!  Time really flies, though, when I’m not interrupted and just being productive.  I didn’t notice that time at all and really felt like it was a pretty short day.

I spent the entire day working on writing, it is incredibly handy to have a quiet office where I can actually focus and get things done.  One of the biggest struggles that I have had over the last four months is that I am never able to be isolated enough that I am not listening to other things happening, which is very distracting for me, around the clock.  One of the things that I am looking forward to very much in getting back to Texas is being able to get back to my own office space that I can set up for effective work.  I am really looking forward to a good chair, solid desk to work on, big monitors, regular keyboard, and so forth.  And Dominica is tired of working from the couch and having to sit with her laptop to do anything.

So it was a good and productive day, but nothing of interest to tell about.  I sat in my quiet office all day until it was very late and then walked back home.  It was around one in the morning when I got to the apartment.  And a little bit yet after that before I got to sleep.