April 20, 2017: Training Day

Thursday.  Today I have the time to be in the office all day and am looking forward to the opportunity.  This is my first time getting a full day in the private office.  It’s been over four months since I have had a quiet office to myself all day and practically never that I’ve had one this quiet.

I got up and moving at a good time this morning.  Dominica made eggs with potatoes and carrots for breakfast that I got to eat before going into the office.

Today is the coldest day of our time here in Kiev, we hit -1C last night and it was a chilly walk to the office, but I have the backpack on and that keeps me pretty warm.  So I skipped the jacket.  The walk is quite nice, especially going to the office.

Scott Alan Miller in Kiev
My Morning Walk in Kiev

When I got to the office loads of people were standing outside smoking and they commented on how cold I must be without a coat.  These Ukrainians, they just are not used to the cold like we are in New York.  It really was not that cold.

Boulevard in Kiev

The secretary came to my desk and just dropped off chocolate and coffee for me.

Office Treats

I worked for several hours then this afternoon I got a few hours of technical training which was really useful and I am a lot more solid on some technologies compared to before, so I am thankful for the time spent.  It was a good day.

I then had the office to myself for the rest of the day and stayed in working until about eleven in the evening when I felt that I should head out because I was not sure if there would be issues getting home or whatever.  It was great to have a quiet day to just work and focus.  It has been so long.

The walk home was quite cold, but quiet and nice.  It really is not a bad walk at all now that I am over being so sick and am not struggling to breath like I was. I’m totally back to health now.